Tribe Team Training™

Tribe Team Training

Cherry Creek Athletic Club is proud to introduce the high intensity, small group personal training phenomenon Tribe™.

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Strive for results as part of a dynamic training team in a motivational, respectful, and challenging environment. Members become part of a team, with the same team mates and same coach for the full season.

Build your team. Push each other. Work together. Grow together. Welcome to your Tribe.

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Tribe Team Training are the global leaders in providing small group personal training to fitness clubs. A Tribe member will never repeat the same workout, this structure works to ensure members achieve maximum individual benefits. All Tribe training classes are led by educated and certified trainers and feature the latest invigorating music. There are 7 new seasons every year with the entire Tribe community around the world following the same schedule. Attain incredible results with Tribe Team Training.


Tribe Team Training programs are scientifically formulated for results by the Tribe development team. Every season has an overall design plan and each session is engineered to achieve a specific training objective. Tribe programs and the skills learned help members develop an exercise path for life. Are you ready to Find Your Tribe?

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Tribe FIT ™

Tribe Team Training Fit

Tribe FIT is the high intensity, team training workout designed to optimize your fitness, speed, and strength. Become functionally fit through a combination of athletic movements, aerobic movements, and strength building exercises. Each 50 minute Tribe FIT team training program works to improve your functional fitness and strength for comprehensive athletic results making you look and feel amazing. Inspirational Tribe instructors will coach and motive you to achieve new fitness heights. With new FIT training programs released every 6 weeks members will benefit from new exercises, energizing music, and scientifically designed workout formulas. It’s time for a workout upgrade – achieve more through diverse, versatile workouts with Tribe FIT. See Tribe FIT in Action!.

Tribe LIFE™

Tribe Team Training Life

Tribe LIFE is the low impact, functional team training exercise workout that keeps you fit for life. By combining low impact aerobics movements with functional strength exercises, core exercises, and flexibility exercises Tribe LIFE ensures you stay healthy and on top of your game. With this scientifically engineered training program you will decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardio vascular fitness, and increase strength while minimizing the strain on your joints. The 50 minute workout takes care of your total body fitness, toning, and strength through moderate intensity, functional movement focused, and low impact programming. Tribe LIFE frequently releases all new training programs so you get the most out of each completely new workout. As always, top music choices and motivational instructors will guide you to new levels of health, fitness, and pride. Watch Tribe LIFE in Action!

Tribe CORE ™

Tribe Team Training Core

Tribe CORE is a moderate intensity, low impact team training designed to improve core toning, stability, power, and flexibility. Each 50 minute team training program works the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen to gain or maintain a slim waistline and firm abs. Through intelligent flexibility and stability training Tribe CORE instills the foundation to build structural longevity and pain free movement. If you are looking to improve your golf swing, rise to the peak of your athletic performance, or look great in your bathing suit, Tribe CORE can take you there. Check out Tribe CORE in Action!