Develop a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating nutrition into your time at CCAC. With an in-house nutritionist, you can add nutrition coaching to your fitness regimen.

A nutritionist will get you started with an initial 90 minute consultation and develop a custom nutrition plan for you.

Follow-up 30 and 60 minute sessions will keep your on track after your initial consultation.

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Benefits of Proper Nutrition Coaching:

  • Increase energy and sleep: Can lead to an increase in productivity, leaves you feeling better throughout your day, and helps you to manage stress.

  • Weight management: Can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and optimize immunity.

  • Increased sports performance: Can help to improve recovery, develop endurance, boost strength, and increase athletic ability.

  • Increased quality of life: Adjusting your diet to fit your lifestyle can lead to a better, stronger, and happier you!