Throughout history, massage has successfully proven to soothe sore muscles and release tension. To promote relaxation, massages are performed on a heated tables in private suites. Available in 25, 50, 80, or 110-minute treatments, regular massage provides many positive heath benefits.




Swedish Massage
This soothing and relaxing massage promotes balance and body harmony. Light-to-moderate pressure enhances circulation and reduces tension while leaving you with a wonderful sense of well-being and deep relaxation. 25/50/80/110 minutes Member: $50-$150 Guest: $60- $160

Deep Tissue Massage
This healing treatment focuses on the muscles used most during your daily routine. Whether sitting in a chair all day or on your feet, this penetrating massage provides gives special attention to the manipulation of deep muscle tissue to relieve stress and help you feel energized. 25/50/80/110 minutes Member: $55 – $160 Guest: $65- $170

Pre-Natal Massage
By incorporating massage therapy into your fitness routine, you will find relief during each stage of your pregnancy. Pre-natal massage therapy is designed to assist with lower-back pain, leg cramps, sciatica,neck and shoulder pain and overall stress levels. 25/50/80 minutes Member: $55- $110 Guest: $65 – $120

Hot Stone Massage
Sink your soul into the therapeutic heat of lava basalt polished stones and pure aromatherapy oils. Relax while your body softens to the touch of our skilled massage therapists. Whether you have stress or muscle fatigue, this unique treatment will create a feeling of exuberance unmatched by any other treatment. 50/80 minutes Member: $95 – $115 Guest: $105-$125
*Not recommended during pregnancy  or for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions.

This restorative and relaxing treatment for hands and feet is great by itself, or when added to a regular massage, scrub, or wrap. 30 minutes Member: $55 Guest: $65


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