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The fluid oscillation of water unpredictably destabilizes any movement performed on the floating board. Your training turns out to be unpredictable, effective and fun.

Functional Training

Functional Training - Improve Balance and Agility

Functional training focuses on exercises that directly train you for the real tasks in your life. Adding water boosts the training experience to a higher level of intensity. Neuromuscular skills improvements will be immediately visible. Whether you are looking for a weight loss solution or an additional exercise to round out your physical fitness program, functional training is perfect for every fitness level - from the novice to the experienced athlete.

Improve strength, flexibility, balance and mobility today!
Muscle Training

Muscle Training - Improve Muscle Tone

Based on the natural instability of the workout station with the aim of improving the muscle tone with the combination of isotonic, isometric and cardiovascular exercises. Muscle training is a great foundation for fitness, weight training adds energy to weight loss, boosts metabolism and of course, makes you stronger. Stronger muscles can improve your posture and help keep your core and body in balance!

Tone, firm and shape your body!

Yoga - Tradition and Innovation Merge

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve the wellness of your entire being. Our classes incorporate guided postures that tone muscles and improve balance and flexibility. The principles of this thousand-year-old discipline are applied to this brand new tool and achieve an unusual dimension. All the deep muscles are activated, amplifying the benefits of typical yoga positions.

Improve circulation, flush out toxins, and gain a calmer & more focused mind!
Pilates Training

Pilates - Increase Tension Release and Relaxation

Pilates is a physical fitness system that is highly focused on functionality - exercises with benefits that will directly apply to your everyday life. This discipline improves body self-awareness, developing coordination, agility, and stamina. Due to the wave motion of the water, Pilates on Reax Raft increases the tension release and relaxation.

Cleanse the body of toxins, oxygenate your blood with deep breathing, and train your limbs to move in proper coordination!