Discover why our health club members love our Pilates classes!


“Within 2 weeks of joining Pilates Defined I noticed an incredible difference in my overall energy and feeling of well being.”

Allison Brady Denver

“Excellent studio. The instructors really try to help you concentrate on problem areas.”

Frank V. Denver

“I can’t begin to thank the staff and crew of Cherry Creek Athletic Club and their Pilates Defined program – I’ve lost 15 pounds already!” – Chelsea Doven, Glendale

Chelsea Doven Glendale

“Pilates is my baseline workout that supports everything else I do. From running and cycling, to yoga and weights, it’s Pilates that’s most helpful for my flexibility and strength and keeps me strong and healthy. When I skip classes, I can really feel it and when I’m injured, Pilates acts as my physical therapy. The staff at Pilates Defined designs varied and interesting classes and is super responsive and smart to the needs of students. The days I take a Pilates class are the days my body is at its best.”

Emily Sinclair Denver

“Pilates has revolutionized my workouts.  The combination of flexibility and core strength have made me a stronger and more agile mountain athlete.  It has enhanced my snowboarding turns, speed and agility – and improved my ability to trail run with less pain and more stamina by improved core strength and focus.  I also enjoy the benefit of “the pilates body” with toned abs and a great look in my jeans.  Pilates has so much room to grow and develop with a variety of advanced exercises that are amazing for building my confidence, focus and coordination. Regular practice of Pilates has given me confident posture and a sculpted physique – and I love to hear my friends remark “you’re in such great shape.”

Tamar Rosenfeld Denver