Choose the Right Workout – Weights or Cardio?

weight training tips

How do you choose the right workout? Should you do Cardio or Weights today? Here’s a message from Robyn Smith, a Cherry Creek Athletic Club Personal Trainer and Master Kettlebell trainer on how to chose your daily workouts. 

You probably ask yourself this question every day when entering the gym. I would like to tell you that BOTH are possible in ONE workout! How? Kettlebells! Kettlebell training is a great two-for-one tool to power-pack your workout, building strength while keeping you moving. In addition, the constant movement and smooth transitions between exercises make the Kettlebell workout an amazing calorie burner. Kettlebells are safe and can be used by people of all ages and physical abilities. Seek out a professional kettlebell instructor and learn a workout – your core and joints will thank you.