Why You Should Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are pregnant! Now what?! You might be asking yourself these questions: “Is exercise ok for me? Is exercise safe for the baby? Will I benefit from exercise during this time?” The answers are yes, yes, and yes!   The benefits of exercise are endless. If you are healthy and have been exercising prior […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

  What is this metabolism thing anyway? Most people know that a high metabolism is good for losing or not gaining weight. Most also know that it’s something that slows down as we age. Beyond that, it’s largely a mystery for many, yet it’s probably something you think you should be concerned about. Well it […]

Member Testimonial
19 Aug 2016

Member Testimonial

“Over the past 15+ years I have trained with 8 or so different trainers – mostly because they MAKE me make time in my schedule for the gym, plus they break up the monotony. Of those 8, plus training two were at CCAC. I wanted to take a minute and tell you that I found […]

Staying Hydrated in the Summer
27 Jun 2016

Staying Hydrated in the Summer – 10 Tips

With high temperatures in Denver this summer, staying hydrated and cool will help you avoid heat exhaustion. Here are some tips to stay hydrated and healthy. 1. Begin your exercise hydrated by drinking fluids leading up to a workout. 2. Bring a large water bottle with you when you are in the heat to encourage […]

Cherry Creek Athletic Club Renovations Featured on Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce
04 May 2016

Cherry Creek Athletic Club Renovations Featured on Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Our six phase renovation to add 13,000 square feet to our facility, an improvement totaling around $10 million, is almost complete! The renovations include a new addition with a track, two stories, functional floor space for group exercise, and a basketball court which will all be open in late June of this year. The renovations […]

Member- James Leger Testimonial.

“Thanks for all of your fantastic coaching Lisa Tanguma. My Stats So Far: Lost 120 lbs, 12″ off of my waist, 10″ off of my chest. You guys rock. I feel great.”

weight training tips
06 Apr 2016

Choose the Right Workout – Weights or Cardio?

How do you choose the right workout? Should you do Cardio or Weights today? Here’s a message from Robyn Smith, a Cherry Creek Athletic Club Personal Trainer and Master Kettlebell trainer on how to chose your daily workouts.  You probably ask yourself this question every day when entering the gym. I would like to tell you that BOTH are possible […]

Mike Wagner – Member Testimonial

Cherry Creek Athletic Club Review – Mike Wagner Mike Wagner shares his praise of the Cherry Creek Athletic Club in his video testimonial. Hear his review of Cherry Creek Athletic Club:

Cherry Creek Athletic Club Recognized for Club Renovations

We are currently undergoing a club renovation, with a planned $8M update to improve overall member experience at Cherry Creek Athletic Club.  Renovations include our new hot yoga studio, moving the cardio workout room, expanding the lobby and building a new 13,000-square-foot high-intensity workout area. Our improvements and plans were recently featured by BusinessDen. Read […]