Lexy Silva

B.F.A in Modern Dance- Texas Christian University, School of Classical and Contemporary Dance.
The Lab Pilates Mat Certification
The Lab Pilates Apparatus Certification
Specialize in mat, reformer, chair, and Cadillac Pilates.
Current physical therapy aide at Therapydia Denver.
Comfortable teaching all ages and body types.
Specialize in using Pilates to rebalance the body, tone muscles, increase functional movement and flexibility, improve posture, and help rehabilitate minor injuries.
Current professional dancer and dance teacher.
Pilates is a challenging and rewarding form of exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pilates will help you build strength and power while improving flexibility and posture. I want my clients to not only physically execute the exercises, but I want them to have a mental and kinesthetic understanding of what they are doing. I aim to teach mindfully and be aware of the different bodies, injuries, and goals of each client I teach. I want my clients to walk out of a Pilates session feeling physically satisfied with their workout and feel confident in their bodies.