Lisa Tanguma

Training / Education:

PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Movement Educator

ACE Personal Trainer

AFFA Personal Trainer

AFFA Group Exercise Instructor

TRX Team Training Camp Instructor

Exercise Etc. Inc. Brains & Balance Past 60 Specialist


I am very fortunate to wake up every day knowing that I do what I love and love what I do. It is my love for fitness and working with people that I can genuinely say that I know what my purpose is.  Being a Native of Colorado and living a fit life myself, I started out teaching Group Exercise and found that I wanted to grow into diverse roles as a Pilates Movement Educator and Personal Trainer. It just grew organically in my abilities to connect with people at whatever level of fitness they are in their lives. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, a weekend warrior or an advanced athlete, I am confident that I have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you with your wellness journey.


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